Out of our bubble

It's so easy to feel useless when it comes to creating political change.  We live in an area where my vote will most certainly be lost among a list of blue voters, and although I know our candidate, personally, and know that he's a lovely chap, I simply don't care for his boss.  It would be easy to give into…

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You Were Made

You were made for hand-holding and for adventuring, for oat pancake stacks and trips to the stars You were made for questioning, for queries both elementary and abstract You were made for laughter and for sorrow You were made for joie de vivre

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Cottage Life

We returned last week from a small adventure in Montreal, and before I had a chance to tell that story here, we had been gifted this lovely weekend away. Of course, we said yes! So we quickly washed and repacked our laundry for four glorious days together in the quaintest little cottage you ever did see.  The beach was so deep…

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