A Gift For Mama on Father's Day…Yep.

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Father’s Day. Did I mention that part? Lavish gifts are not something that we give often in our home. Gifts are generally meaningful, sentimental, and occasionally, if we’re lucky, made with someone’s own two hands, so you can imagine my surprise, when I received this unexpected gift, just a few months late. IMG_1846It’s lovely to be given something that says “I believe in you; I think you can really do this”. IMG_1881_2 IMG_1851 A few photos, untouched, and although there are many improvements to be made, I hope to be able to look back here to see my progress.IMG_1808_2For now, I’ll be experimenting, letting in a little more light, working on my focusing skills, but trying not to steer away from the moment I began to capture, before worrying about how it will look, post process. Ahhh how that could be translated into so many parts of my life…..     HayMama]]>



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  1. Wonderful! Can’t wait to see your new pics : )

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