A Slow Spring…putting the bounce back in my own step

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Spring has apparently sprung, though I’d say she’s lacking in bounce. 

It’s already the beginning of June, and as I write this post, I’m huddled in our living room, wrapped in a quilt, beside the heater, drinking hot tea in my warm socks. Don’t get me wrong, I’m the kinda gal who loves some crisp fall weather, and if you’ve been around this blog long enough, you’ll know of my fondness for toques, warm socks, and coffee, but enough’s enough! I’m ready to feel some sun on my skin, to have garden- fresh berries to eat, to feel my feet hitting the warm grass beneath me while I chase after our adventurous toddler. 

I find myself running on empty while living out our days under dreary, rainy skies. I love a good snuggle day on the couch with the kids, but three or four, and I really find it weighs on our moods. 

I’ve learned over the years, that there’s no cheering up a child, if I haven’t been able to cheer up myself, so I’ve been taking some extra steps towards my own self care in order to counter act some of the grumpiness that has been floating around here….

Waking Up First…I’m working on slipping out of bed before the munchkins…this is the dream, but sometimes it backfires and means the day just begins early, for everyone. Though on the days when all is successful, it’s freeing and leaves me feeling more in control of the day, to have the kids greet me in the morning, rather than wake me with poking and demands for breakfast

A Bit of Exercise...I’m bringing back some movement into my life. I find I never exercise because it’s difficult to make time for the suggested 75-150 minutes per week. That, as a homeschooling mom, is overwhelming, so I’ve taken to carving out as many moments as my kids will tolerate my tuning them out (suddenly everyone is hungry, hurt, sad about something during those few minutes), and it has proven helpful for both my mind and my body. Chopping down that goal that seems daunting into bite -sized bits is easier to accomplish, and I’m less likely to give up. Besides, it’s better to get my blood pumping for 10 minutes, than for no minutes at all.

Something For My Mind…And finally, I’ve made a commitment to put something intelligent and  inspirational into my mind, in the first couple hours of the day. I’ve begun to let go of the pressures to finish that book, and I’ve become acquainted with the pleasure of just reading a couple of pages when it fits. Maybe I’m listening to a podcast that inspires me, or reading a magazine article that feeds my mind in that moment, while today, I watched a couple of minutes of an uplifting movie, while I drank my morning cup. It’s not about finishing, it’s about savouring. 





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  1. This is an awesome post on just self maintenance! We need to remember that we can’t help anyone until we help ourselves. Thanks

    1. Sometimes we just need a reminder 🙂

  2. Come on down to florida, we have plenty of heat and sunshine for you. But I do love the things you are doing for yourself. I’ve been trying to wake up earlier to get in some time to myself but most days I hit snooze too long.

    1. Florida sounds like a dream!

  3. I really love your writing style. Also, the part about savoring instead of finishing really resonated with me because I am just a goal/achievement oriented person that completing things is usually a top priority. It is nice to be reminded that it’s not always a race. Thank you for your beautiful writing and I’m excited to read more from you.

    1. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I love these reminders to make sure I’m taking care of Mommy first. I have begun just this week to take some steps in the right direction and have already noticed positive changes. I have a great husband who makes sure I take time for myself. So blessed to have a partner who is knows me better than I know myself sometimes!

    1. Me too! I don’t know what I’d do without the balance he provides

  5. I totally feel this way! It has rained almost non stop in WNY and it’s really killing my mood. I love getting up early in the morning before everyone and stealing some time for myself. It does wonders for setting the tone of the day!

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