I'm Jac and This is My Wild & Crazy Family

As you can see from the progression of photos above, we’re a blended family of six.

Overall, we’re spontaneous, artistic, and slightly outside of the norm.As parents, we aim to be gentle in our approach, considering the views and opinions of our children,  in order to strengthen the whole of our family. We strive to let our children unfold into themselves  rather than shape them into the people we think they should be. We’re not perfect, and we acknowledge that we’ll always be learning!

Ontario, Canada, with its frigid, knee-deep snowy winters, and its steamy, hot- shower summers is home. Our home has been home to many family members before us; in fact, our children are the seventh generation to enjoy this place. Our home has witnessed the birth of my grandfather and his sisters, it has embraced their children, and now it is on this corner of the earth where our kids are being raised, where our youngest were born. This is a place where roots run deep and branches stretch out tall. This is a place that sounds the way my childhood sounded. I can still remember what it felt like when we moved in and my soul took a big ole sigh. This is the place where we can create. Where we can be connected to the earth. Where we can step away from the rushing, whirring world and keep close to our family values of simplicity and togetherness.


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