Christmas Magic

When my hands first connected with my partner’s face, back when we were just kids really, my world, previously encrusted with cynicism and boredom, suddenly


Homeschooling Update

Our homeschooling pace is set to the beat of whichever drum we choose to beat from day-to-day. Life is varying and unpredictable. There are appointments,


Out of our bubble

It’s so easy to feel useless when it comes to creating political change.  We live in an area where my vote will most certainly be


You Were Made

You were made for hand-holding and for adventuring, for oat pancake stacks and trips to the stars

You were made for questioning, for queries both elementary and abstract

You were made for laughter and for sorrow

You were made for joie de vivre


And Just Like That, It’s Fall

I’m reminded that we don’t need anything except time. Time to read, time to play, time to blend a simple life with learning, the way we do all the days of the year.


Cottage Life

We returned last week from a small adventure in Montreal, and before I had a chance to tell that story here, we had been gifted


Last Weekend

There’s something about a weekend spent at home with the right combination of productivity,  communication, and relation that always warrants a good weekend badge, and this past one earned it.


This is Privilege

It’s late. Our home is quiet except for the whir of the ceiling fan, keeping me cool.  My toddler is snuggled against me. He wants


The $hit Days.

it’s easy to think that life amongst tiny squares is all beauty and peace…

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