Autumn's Bounty

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Last weekend, through our business, Element Studios, we were privileged to have Amber from The Wild Garden, join us at our place to teach a small gathering of lovely folks a lesson in autumnal herbs and their valuable roots. img_4582 img_4589Being the second workshop we’ve held with Amber this year, I felt a bit more prepared to handle the day and the visitors. I knew about the laid back feel of the afternoon spent with an open mind, learning valuable information that connects us to something vital, an old tradition lost. img_4591Although we have welcomed both men and women to the wildcrafting event at our homestead, this day serendipitously called together a gathering of women, and the sacred energy that comes when feminine spirits of all sorts come together. I tend to be most sensitive to this energy when I need it most, during pregnancy, while in the breast-feeding phase of life, and I suspect the need will continue as I grow and age. In a time when women are increasingly critical of each other, it can be so refreshing to be reminded that we have a lot to learn from each other. We are wise in all phases of life if our hearts and minds are open and in tune to each other. img_4590As always, Amber, poised and proficient in her field, lead us through an informative walk, pointing out some of fall’s useful roots. Meanwhile each of us, at different times, nodded in acknowledgment of the new information, excited to have a new gem to add to our own apothecaries. I can only speak for myself here, but something in me was revived after such a lovely afternoon, that I couldn’t help but indulge in a little bit of herbal gathering, organizing, and creating of our own. It feels good to be inspired by something practical.img_4617img_4620img_4632Thanks to our Amber’s wisdom, we’ve been gathering asters to make an infused honey for wintery sore throats. img_4626img_4592

I’ve made a nettle infusion to help boost my iron as well; however, most of our projects have gone undocumented, since it feels best when I’m connected to what I’m making, rather than thinking about capturing the moment to preserve forever.img_4631 What am I most excited about? Wildflower, while standing on the kitchen table, emptied out our entire apothecary; we combined all of last years healing herbs into a Mama soak for postpartum baths, ridded out anything that has been exposed to too much light, losing its colour and smell, and we made space for all of this summer’s new creations. It feels good to be re-inspired.

**you may notice, some of the photos from today’s post show faces, unlike the usual moments I capture here. Thanks to those lovely ladies who allowed me to sneak their photo to keep a record for our business **

until next time,

happy fall





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