Homeschooling Basics Answered

 If you’re considering bringing your kids home this year, I’m sure you’re feeling overwhelmed.It’s difficult to go against the grain, so naturally, we question ourselves. Even those of us who have been homeschooling for a while now, find ourselves back here once in a whileThis post is going to contain some basic information about homeschooling (mostly in Ontario).You can watch my video…

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Tips and Tricks from a homeschool mom

In uncertain times, it brings me the most comfort to be a helper, offering up my own gifts and resources in hopes of helping someone else. I know right now many are donating to food banks, helping elderly friends and family  gather necessaries while avoiding shops, while those who are trained in the healthcare field are prepared to roll up…

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Christmas Magic

When my hands first connected with my partner's face, back when we were just kids really, my world, previously encrusted with cynicism and boredom, suddenly jolted to life. Paddles were placed on my chest and my heart kicked back into rhythm... we morphed into something new. When our first child came into our world, she brought with her a unique…

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