Cottage Life

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We returned last week from a small adventure in Montreal, and before I had a chance to tell that story here, we had been gifted this lovely weekend away. Of course, we said yes! So we quickly washed and repacked our laundry for four glorious days together in the quaintest little cottage you ever did see. 

The beach was so deep and lasted for longer than we could walk, though we tried, Ezra and I, together one morning while the cottage was still sleeping. We walked as far as the point, where we could walk out into the water while barely getting wet.

After a fews days away experiencing the hustle of the Montreal, we had arrived home exhausted. The trip was most certainly a success, but it wasn’t exactly, relaxing. When you’re a parent of littles, there is little time for really absorbing the texture of the hotel sheets into your skin or for reading good novels. But cottage life is a different story, and I can now see the appeal as to why people leave their busy lives each weekend for this other secret way of living.

For me, the vacation began in the kitchen, which doesn’t seem quite right as I say it, but the warmth and nostalgia in that tiny little room swept me all the way back to its prime…I can imagine a mother, calling for her children through the window, her hands wrist-deep in suds and dishes…the door, to the left, placed there for the obvious need to pitch the basin of water out onto the grass long before there was indoor plumbing. The stories we heard from the owner, who graciously leant us this space, confirmed some of these tales, since it would have been his mother who once watched over this precious little nook. 

Simple meals were prepared over our stay and we ate outdoors most of the time, everything we needed carried on a tray. I pulled down an old enamel teapot, dusted it off, and Ty and I shared a nightly pot of tea by the campfire. Heaven.


Even though we grown ups carried with us books to read, notebooks for sketching and other to-dos, nothing left our packed bags except the essentials. Time was available to us to spend watching our kids enjoy new experiences. 

And when we arrived home, we were tired, but rejuvenated. 

Maybe cottage life is the life for us….



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