Greenery and Winterberries

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Here are a few snaps of some of the work we accomplished this weekend. I didn’t pull it off alone. Luckily Papa Bear was home to snip the branches for me while Wildflower dragged them all back to the front porch, with only a small bit of complaining. She then built this entire display in the old tricycle, complete with bow. fullsizeoutput_5ae9After snipping branches and strategically arranging them into various-sized pots, we stepped back to admire our work. It was then that I recalled, while taking Wildflower to horseback riding, that there are some beautiful red berries lining the roads along the way. So out went Papa Bear and Big Brother/ newly licensed driver (eek!) in search of winterberries. fullsizeoutput_5aeeTada!fullsizeoutput_5aecWhat I had failed to mention was that the beautiful berries were in the ditch, which actually meant swamp, and my sweet, darling man came home soaked up to the knees, through his workbooks, with icy cold water. Ah….love…or perhaps fear of pregnant-wife tears….or maybe a bit of both.fullsizeoutput_5aedOn another note, I’ve imagined giving birth when the ground is covered in white….and this morning, we awoke to just that…..fullsizeoutput_5aef Take a peek over at Ottawa Family Living (page 41) to see my latest piece on Papa Bear. Happy Snow day!   xo MamaHay]]>



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  1. I read your article in the Ottawa Family Living magazine called Work of Heart. I was delighted to read that your husband is interested in getting to work with the Singer sewing machine. I, too, am in possession of a Singer industrial sewing machine of the same vintage. It has the same overhead lamp and is ensconced in a heavy maple table with iron legs.
    I am a costume designer who has not used this machine myself; but have admired its magnificence. It has been in my basement for many years. If you or your husband know of anyone who would like to own and use it, please let me know.
    I applaud both of your artistic lifestyles!
    Monica Browness

    1. Thank you for your kind words. We’ll put the word out and see if we know someone who may be interested! It sounds like a lovely piece

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