Homeschool Update

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math with manipulative and stickershomeschool4homeschool1beading necklaces homeschool2project based on The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. We spoke about the character traits of Edmund, and then we made a rainbow of Wildflower’s character traits. homeschool3 a bin of treasures to trace homeschool5watercolour painting, monster trucks, of course homeschool7converting measurement from imperial to metric, and yes, those are squashIMG_3067 and the new favourite pastime, colouring everything black   until next time, MamaHay      ]]>



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  1. Hurray! Looks like you are doing amazing work, though I’m not surprised a bit. Creative AND educational!

  2. I really enjoyed this !!!!!! Love reading everything you write. Looking forward to your next literary creation.

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