In the Dirt

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

We’ve been harvesting and drying plants…canning pickles…and enjoying the coolness of the outdoors sans mosquitos. Yesterday, we even sported our toques while visiting Papa Bear at work in the orchard.

One might imagine us picking apples, riding the wagon, and munching on donuts, but really, how we spend the majority of our time orcharding (it’s a verb right?) is…

Scaling the dirt pile.

Over and over and over again, they climb and slide

As a grown-up, it can be difficult to carve out time for things that feel frivolous. I’m no different than anyone else this way.

I can see that this type of ‘fun’ is going to be messy. It’s going to involve more work on my part to keep our vehicle clean, to shower dirty kids upon our arrival home, only to clean out the shower AND the washing machine, likely making a mud ball with the leftover dirt.

But this kind of fun is free and freeing for both them and myself. When I quiet the voice inside me, the one that drives me to tick the next box on my list, when I really connect with the outdoors, with my kids, with the moment, I quickly feel a calm sense of power rise up inside of me. I remember what’s important…not an endless nagging voice telling me I forgot to add the potatoes to the slow cooker, but things like…

“I was reading a great book at the beginning of this week…where did I put that, and how did my life become so chaotic that I forgot about it?”


“Nothing else matters more than this moment”.

You know…things that get pushed aside in the Making of Hays. 

How are you finding balance in your own life?

while the suns shine,




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