Introducing A New Baby…

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Ladies and Gentleman…..We are proud to present…Thee one and only,img_4481

Kevin Baconimg_4482

After an unfortunate experience involving Big Brother’s adopted Christmas gift, and Kamo’s not so kid-friendly demeanour, he has since found a more suitable home. So as promised, we followed through on the we’ll buy you a puppy, since you’ve been asking all your life plan, only this time, we set a price limit, and since Kevin is super cute, the rest of his cost came out of Enee’s pocket.

Pretty cute huh?img_4137

As we’ve learned before, having someone to care for, besides himself, really helped Big Brother through the long winter months. Seasonal Affective Disorder comes on strong in our house the minute the clocks change and the sun sneaks behind the horizon by dinner time. There’s nothing that helps like good ole outdoor activity, and as almost anyone raising a teen will agree, it’s not always easy to convince them to head on outside, because “it’s good for you”. Cue cute doggy with wagging tail….Kevin…take your human for a walk!img_4490

We’ve been adapting nicely to having a babe in the home again, most days. Big brother is up during the night, and if he isn’t he’s definitely in charge of any morning mess, as well as those throughout the day. That’s the nice thing about having him home for school! Kevin truly is his responsibility. For now, we’re waiting to hear back from a few obedience schools….for Kevin that is.

More Kevin stories to come.Kevin Kevin Kevin….img_4131

Hay mama




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