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It’s a bit too raw to say if this is really it, to speak it out loud. This post needs only one word in its title, since we owe it all to milky…

IMG_3625Thlee. He turned thlee today. ezra2Tonight, and almost every night preceding, he falls fast asleep in my arms. Tonight that tiny little furnace snuggles up to me, the smell of vanilla cake still lingering on his nose, and he says the words that nearly break my mothering heart,

“I really really need some miwky, mommy”.

For the first time in his three short years, I say to him,

 “I don’t have any more milky honey”.

We whisper quietly back and forth to each other like this for a few minutes before he softly begins to cry.

 “The miwky is runnin away…”

         He’s three, I remind myself, and nursing him for three years is something to celebrate.We’ve made it through a tongue tie, through nights of cup feeding, tube and pinkie finger feedings, split and infected nipples, new teeth, and 4 bouts of mastitis. We did it, and I’m…tired. “

 “Can I please check and see if there is any left mommy?”

 I don’t feel like celebrating.

Milky needs can be met with love and snuggles and whispers about our day, I remind myself, but before I know it, silent, hot tears are spilling down my own cheeks. It’s then that he looks up at me in the dark. By the light spilling onto the bed through the opening in the door, I see his sad little eyes meet mine before he asks,

    ” Can I see your eyes mommy? They are wet, like mine?”

                                  “Yes”, I admit sadly, honestly. “I love milky too. My eyes are crying because I   love you so much. I am so proud of you for being three. You can lay in my arms, and I can sing you a song. That will help us tonight.”

     ” I don’t wanta song; I want someone to give me some miwky,” he whimpers.

A few minutes pass before he snuggles up on my chest, yawns, and falls asleep, proving to me that he no longer ‘needs’ my milky, but that he does, in fact, need me. As for myself, I’m not sure I’ll ever be ready to run out of milky…






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  1. I love you my friend. My boy still asks me when the Mom milk will come back and my heart still breaks a little every time. This post touched my heart and my tears. We made it to three and I was tired as well. Funny how it doesn’t make it any easier. Cuddle your boy and sleep well. Hugs

    1. thanks debbie….it really doesn’t make it any easier, does it?

  2. I think you spoke the truth of a million Mama hearts my friend. It’s a heart breaking moment, I have tears for you (and me) right now. What you’ve done is amazing, special and fantastic, you deserve a rest. Sending Mama hugs to you xxxx

  3. We Made it to almost 5 and a half years. And the Moment came by itself that He didn’t need milky any longer. It was his choice and no one of us had to cry. His little Sister decided to wean herself at 3,5. Our Kids are so whise. They know their personally moment.

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