Nature's Solace

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On a day like today, when the world could seem an impossible shade of grey, I chose to climb out of bed, get the kids to bundle up, and head out for a morning walk. fullsizeoutput_552eThe wind on our cheeks and the sunlight in our eyes has a knack of providing us with the balance that these last few days have been lacking…even the dog knows things aren’t quite right with the world. fullsizeoutput_5530It’s as though we are meant to spend time in nature. It’s what keeps us from becoming cold and callous.  All around, tiny miracles take hold. There is beauty in the simple things; things that cannot be seen from tall towers in the concrete jungle….a flower that shouldn’t have bloomed in this cold, a tiny tree still standing after so many around it have been cut, stacked, and burned…it’s all there just being. I could say it’s waiting for us, but that’s part of its beauty. It doesn’t need us. It doesn’t care about us. It happens without us. fullsizeoutput_5534How peaceful insignificance can feel.fullsizeoutput_552f

As we trickle back into our home, the tea is poured and we head to our school work. The gentle predictability of our day brings me solace. I’m just one tiny person (technically two), and I’m not naive enough to believe that I can change the world alone, so today I’ll focus on what I can do. I take a deep breath, reminding myself that inner peace lies just beyond the threshold…and I join my children in our daily work.






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