Out of our bubble

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It’s so easy to feel useless when it comes to creating political change. 

We live in an area where my vote will most certainly be lost among a list of blue voters, and although I know our candidate, personally, and know that he’s a lovely chap, I simply don’t care for his boss. 

It would be easy to give into despair if it weren’t for the four pairs of eyes who are watching me. 

Today, I stepped far outside of my bubble and we joined the thousands of people who marched in our Nation’s Capital, demanding change. It leaves me completely baffled as to why we have to rally for clean air, water, and soil, since it seems that everyone would benefit from such things, but there we were, a mama with a babe strapped to her back and a child tightly holding each hand.

The thing I’ve learned about adventures with my kids, and adventures in general, really, is that they are often only truly rewarding once the event, itself, has passed, along with any new-scenerio-induced anxiety. 

It wasn’t until we left, that we were completely elated, so pleased with ourselves for completing a task that seemed daunting at the beginning of our day when I handed the kids a piece of recycled cardboard with which to make a sign.

 They quickly coloured up something that they connected with. This wasn’t difficult for them to relate to since much of our summer was spent leaving our home in order to play outside because of the smoke from neighbouring stacks of clearcut trees being burned.

 Our colouring and conversation was followed by an hour’s drive, which I admit, is also a bit ridiculous that I have to actually contribute to climate decline in order to speak for it, but this is the type of world we live in until the big guys make some kind of tangible change. 

We hopped two trains before we emerged into the throngs of protestors, enthusiastically shouting in unison….it was overwhelmingly magical. And I did my best to keep my tears near my eyes for the first twenty minutes, since I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the group if I became a blubbering mess. I can say, there is simply nothing like being part of a collective of vastly different individuals who believe in something, together. 

This definitely wasn’t an event that we were all excited to attend, but when you are part of a family, sometimes some flexibility and compromise has to be worked into the equation. For some, the train ride was the ‘best part of the day’, and for others there were other memories of chanting and of treats. I, personally, loved when we cut out of the crowd after my most quietest child pointed out the small bus shelter. We stopped for a quick snack and a drink before we noticed how strange it felt to be immediately enveloped by the quickly moving crowd, which was dividing at the last minute because of our glass shelter. 

Overall, we arrived home tired but thankful for the growth we experience together. Of course, that’s just my mom- version of the tale.There are many stories floating around our home tonight, and many memories told to Papa Bear. As for me,Im happy that I woke up this morning with the gusto to make this memorable day happen.

 And now…rest. 

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