Summer Thus Far

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IMG_1918Jolly red clover blossoms collected by MoonHaven’s one-and-only 5-year-old wildcrafter….mix it with a little nettle from the apothecary and we get…. IMG_1919 fresh tea herbs for a mama with a new babe….oh how squishy his beautiful, little face is. New babies just have a way of refreshing anyone who comes within that precious newborn glow. IMG_1923Rainy morning breakfasts have been few and far between, but we love the sound of the rain here, so we don’t mind when they make an appearance.DSCN0037Post-rain adventures…DSCN0039And now we hurry and scurry to prepare for our biggest festival of the summer. There are wood chips and glass bits a-flyin from Papa Bear’s shop, new baby maples to be transplanted by WildFlower, charcoal dust lingering from the incredible sketches by big brother, and I’ve been creating some braided headpieces to be worn with peace and love…. DSCN0034   I’ve missed this space!   Xo HayMama]]>



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  1. I cannot get enough of your blog! I wish you guys all the happiness in the world! Will you show us pictures of the hairpieces later?

  2. Yes! Hopefully by this weekend. Thanks for stopping by Shelly

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