The Power of Negativity

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Ya know all that jazz about positive thinking? I don’t really buy it. 

I mean, yes, my attitude contributes to a good portion of how my life looks, feels, and truly is. 

If I wake up grumpy because my children have woken me, if I am resentful for being the only adult home to make meals and I angrily slap together breakfast, I am likely to be met with bitter, resentful children, while looking down the tunnel of a long and depressing day… 

BUT, if I approach the morning with a sense of gratitude for the simple fact that I am able to be woken by my children,  that I have the privilege of being home for these moments, that I actually get to  make  their breakfasts,  slow and steadily baking warm muffins in the late morning,  and I get to be here for the milestones, suddenly the day looks a lot different.

 I get that.  


It’s the kind of ‘positive thinking’ that requires turning a blind eye to real world issues that just doesn’t fly with me. Believing that “everything is fine!” when it isn’t, just doesn’t feel good. I just can’t look away and change my attitude. I just can’t dismiss the negativity that exists in the world. It is meant to serve as a catalyst, for education, for growth, for improvement. And if we continue to turn off our radios, delete negative news from our feeds, and curate our lives to exist solely on rainbows with unicorns, how will we ever witness change?

Though it may be true that we can achieve our own inner peace while looking inwards and detaching from the outside world, peace in the world will not come without conscious thought and deeply-rooted change. 

It’s going to take a lot of inwards-looking people, looking outwardly at the problems, feeling uncomfortable, and doing something about them. 

The photos you see in this post are displaying the whimsical work of Gaia Inspired Boutique.Artist, Tatianna  Plechenko, handcrafts each design herself out of previously loved sweaters, thus creating beautiful works of art for all shapes and sizes, promoting body positivity and  earth stewardship…talk about doing something. 



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  1. Woah! That’s such an interesting perspective! I can definitely see what you mean! If we don’t get fed up with the problems, why would we even see a reason to try and change the world?! So good!

  2. We all need to be positive in life. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I am also one that is guilty of having & giving negative vibes to people around me (especially if I am the only one at home doing most of the chores). Now I have learnt how to channel my negativity into positive constructive ways.

  3. I agree. Reframing our day is important with positive thoughts. However, thinking about larger issues that need help does require us to acknowledge that there are still problems to work on in this world.

  4. As a person who deals with bouts of depression and anxiety, this post really hits home. Thank you for sharing your story and how much power negativity has on our daily lives!

  5. Oh my gosh yes this!!

  6. I love using the perspective of gratitude. It definitely sets a different tone for the day.

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