Why I Love Homeschooling

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In our home, we’ve always thought of our homeschooling life as something so special, regardless of the cautionary tales shared as gossip. 

There are certainly things I struggle with, some daily, some weekly, some seasonally, but right now, you’re probably looking for encouragement…your inner critic has likely already told you all the ways you might suck, so I’m prepared to share with you some unicorn fluff about why I love our lifestyle….

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I personally love how home-learning gives us the freedom to learn at an appropriate speed and level for each child.

 I love that we can enjoy slow mornings every day. 

I love that I have learned about the most obscure things alongside my children as we’ve allowed their interests to lead the way : fossas, termites, China, Little Women, famous artists, ocean mammals, ASL. 


I love that we spend an afternoon each week baking snacks and other essentials to keep our bellies fed.

I love that we’ve developed traditions together based on the season –outdoor time in the fall, searching for squirrel nests, discovering the height of bee nests for overwintering, collecting pine cones for Christmas prep. While in the winter, we delve into longer novels, reading at every chance we can. We normally switch from lesson time to project time where we put down our math study and naturally migrate towards longer projects…sewing, building dioramas, and working through all of the art and science kits we are gifted over the holiday season. I love this flow we’ve created.

I love that my children are not afraid to play with dolls or imagination-based toys which they likely would have learned were ‘for babies’ if they were schooled.


I love when the library is empty and we can sit for hours, absorbing books we may never see again.

I love that my children can speak easily with adults because they have so much experience.

I love being able to refuel with warm drinks, and sometimes I can actually enjoy them warm!

I love that our learning is fluid…anytime, anywhere, any season. 

I love that our kids are choosing what they want to learn, and I am merely, providing the resources…one might see that as the early phases of choosing a career…discovering one’s natural abilities, delving into further research and learning, pursuing a life-time of learning and education.

I love that we don’t have to wake up early, unless we want to….I might have already said that.

I love that we don’t have to be in bed by a certain time, unless we’re tired.

I love that we can wear whatever we’d like…spaghetti straps, mismatched, pjs?!

I love that our kids are comfortable with quiet. 

I love that in December, we just make gifts…all month.


I love when everyone goes back to school, and we don’t, so all our favourite places are empty, and even though that will look different this year, the ice cream line will still be shorter, the beach will be ours, and the park will be quieter….

And though this may not be a choice you would have considered pre-2020, I hope that if this is how you and your family proceed, that there will be beauty in the uncertainty…somewhere. I hope. 


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  1. Wonderful and so so accurate! I love seeing my kids simply be themselves, in a free and unbridled way I never was myself in school.

    1. Me too Courtney. It’s healing.

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