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Wonder is all around me.

It’s knocking on my door whether or not I’m here to answer…

It seeps through the cracks between hustle and hibernation, calling for me to take notice.

It. Knows. My. Name.

Will I choose to accept its calling? 

Or will another moment whither away, my hands deep in the dish water, my mind wracked with thoughts of lists and things that are, in fact, quite important. 

Or will I crouch to greet the face who clings to my legs, calling out ME! ME! MEEE!!!

The least helpful advice to give to a mother with young children is to forget the dishes, these years pass too quickly.

Though the message comes with good intentions, believe me, she already knows. She can see how quickly the moments stack up like bills, debts she hasn’t yet paid to herself or her children. Those pants she meant to sew for the last baby didn’t meet the sewing machine and now he’s teetering on two. Despite all of the times she turned away from the soapy water to pull his small face into her hands, kiss his marshmallow cheeks, and toss him up to the counter to help, time slipped on by. 

And besides, who IS going to do those dishes?

Somedays, I’m obliged to choose the sudsy sink, but today I chose wonder.

Wishing you wonder and someone to mop your floors, 




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  1. Thanks for this today. xo

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